Cyber Security Quotes From Kevin

Our job is to enable the business to do neat stuff such as this in a secure manner  :    our approach is to help them design their solution in a secure way and make recommendations that allow them to continue….   We need to be smart enough to help them while at the same time getting them to put reasonable controls in place – Kevin L. McLaughlin

“Leading through positivity means embracing challenges, addressing mistakes with a constructive mindset, and driving on to be better, together.” – Dr. Kevin Lynn McLaughlin, PhD

“A successful cybersecurity professional must strive to simplify the complex realm of cybersecurity and make it easier to navigate and understand.” – Dr. Kevin Lynn McLaughlin, PhD 

“Even the most skilled warriors and cunning outlaws are not immune to mistakes, for even a ninja blinks and pirates are not perfect.” – Dr. Kevin Lynn McLaughlin, PhD

“An effective and high-performing Security Operations and Fusion Center (SOFC) is the cornerstone of a top-notch cybersecurity program.” – Dr. Kevin Lynn McLaughlin, PhD  

About mclaukl

Professional Certifications - Certified CISO, CISM, CISSP, PMP, ITIL Master Certified, GIAC Security Leadership Certificate (GSLC), CRISC. Kevin also holds Certificates in the Advanced Principles of Information Security and in Advanced Information Security Research Methods from Jones International University. Kevin L. McLaughlin began his career as a Special Agent for the Department of Army. He was responsible for investigating Felony crimes around the globe. He has had many careers over the years, including being a Police Officer in Kissimmee Florida, an Investigator for Mastercard/Visa, a Middle School teacher, a Director at Kennedy Space Center (where he worked with Fred Hayes, James Lovell, Armstrong, Sheppard, etc.), the President of his own company, an IT Manager and Senior Information Security manager with the Procter & Gamble (P&G) company (fortune 35), a CISO at the University of Cincinnati and a Senior Information System Security Manager for the Whirlpool Corporation (fortune 125). Kevin has also been an adjunct since 1992. While at P&G Kevin created one of P&G’s augmentation outsourcing teams in India. Kevin designed and implemented this India team and it won a global Gold Service award from Atos-Origin and has acted as a model for countless corporate relationships since. Over the years Kevin has: created an Information Security program conducted Information Security Strategic planning designed Information Security solutions, investigated over 700 Cyber cases and operated a Global Security Operations Center. • Education - MS in Computer Science Education, BS in Management of Information Systems * PhD in Cyber Security, University of Fairfax
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