Fun Story about UC Cyber Warfare Game

Ok, so I wasn’t going to share this but I sort of think its
pretty neat. My friend Quinn and I started an urban legend story at
the University of Cincinnati from my classes first cyber warfare
event years ago. One of my current students just posted the following item in a class I am teaching. This is a story that is really about the first
Cyber Wargame that I ran at UC as part of my Information Security
Course. Quinn was the defender and I believe Karl Hart was the
attacker – it was a great event. What is even greater is that is
has now taken on UC “legendary” status. 🙂

I am reminded of a story my Computer Networking teacher, Mr. Tom Moore, gave to us one day in class. He spoke of a game they played, I dont remember whether it was at UC or his workplace, but he said that they would divide IT professionals into 2 teams, one “hackers” and one that
protected data. He was on the hackers team. Well the protectors
were allowed a certain amount of time to design security for the
system they were trying to protect, and there after the hackers got
their shot. Well the hackers tried and tried to break the security
through their hardware but to no avail. Finally, Mr Moore was on a
break and happened to walk by the room the protectors were in (they
were set up in different rooms of a building) and realized no one
was in there. He tried the door but it was locked. However, another
faculty member, unaware of what was going on, walked by and Mr.
Moore asked her to unlock the door. She did and he notified his
team who came and stole all the equipment they had. They then broke
into the machine, got the data, and won. He used the Bill Gates
quote “if I can get access to your computer I will own everything
that is on it” and it stuck with me. This story is a prime example
of having physical controls in place, and not just one. It is
important to make sure your equipment and data are both safe from

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